Crystal Energy Amplifier

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Crystals are very powerful tools that can help us in many ways. It is very important that we always have the tools charged cleaned and ready to go. The crystal amplifier tablet is a picture and device created to amplify and charge the energy of any crystal. The tablet itself has many things you may notice and somethings you may not notice in it. What you will notice in the rainbow rain drops is the frequency number 126.22 which is the frequency of the sun. You will also notice Metatron’s cube which has the ability to transmute energy from negatvie to positive. You will also notice the Latin words FIAT LUX!!!! Which means let there be light! or let light be made!


All you have to do is sit the crystal on the picture and let the crystal absorb the codes and energy in the picture. I recommend that you get the picture laminated so it will not be damaged by water. Yo can make the picture as big as you would like but no more than 1- 5 crystals or gemstones should be placed on the picture at a time.



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