Helm of Awe Pendant

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The helm of awe is a powerful and protective symbol that litteraly strikes fear into your enemy. It is a living symbol that will fight off psychic attacks, demonic energies, negative energy and anything that seeks to harm you. The frequency of the symbol is increased when adding the protective metal iron.

This pendant is made out of iron powder, Magnitite powder to bring more protection, and Shungite powder to block radiation and keep the amulet cleansed.

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4 reviews for Helm of Awe Pendant

  1. Clint Nelson (verified owner)

    Peace and blessing Bro Yosef, if you wear the pendant under your uniform will it still be effective?

    • Bro Yosef

      Yes it will still be effective

  2. christinaturk1 (verified owner)

    Beautiful powerfully ❤

  3. tturner974 (verified owner)

    This helm is very powerful family. Please believe it. I wore my helm to work for two days and a coworker that was giving me negative energy just up and quit. And a family member that was negative all of a sudden got sick. I was like whoa… It almost scared me a little but it didn’t. There was negativity around me that needed to go and for that I am thankful. This piece is powerful and it indeed protects you against psychic attacks. Thank you Brother Yosef for this powerful tool.

  4. MSteel2 (verified owner)

    Gorgeous Stone, I wear it all the time, and my cousin and friend have one too. Amazing Product

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