Raise Your Frequency – The Audio

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The raise your frequency audio is designed to help put high vibrational frequencies into you aura or environment. This audio consist of three tools merged together to help you. The first it the love frequency which is 528hz which is great for healing, raising your frequency and transforming negative energy to positive energy. The second is singing bowls to help align your energy. The third is a back ground of rain sounds to relax to. This audio can be played with headphones to raise your frequency or played on a speaker to cleanse and raise the frequency in your environment.


2 reviews for Raise Your Frequency – The Audio

  1. ae89ty (verified owner)

    I’ve been playing this every night that I sleep. It has really helped with positive energy. I highly recommend this. Thank you Bro Yosef. Keep up the knowledge and great work.

  2. tturner974 (verified owner)

    Played this one time and I felt very relaxed. I started to see white lights as well. This is definitely going to be a part of my rituals. Thank you Brother Yosef for another tool in my artillery.

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