The Sun Mantra for the Soul

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The sun mantra for the soul is a very powerful mantra that will help you with your sun work and solar practices. This prayer honors the sun God Surya and as you speak the mantra while looking at the sun or a white lit candle it will allow the light of the sun or candle to energize your soul. I have been saying this mantra for years and now I share my version of it with you.


2 reviews for The Sun Mantra for the Soul

  1. Buffalo (verified owner)

    Super helpful in being consistent with candle gazing. Thank you so much

    • Bro Yosef

      Your welcome family!

  2. zachjaxon09 (verified owner)

    Very powerful mantra! This has given me a major boost to my sun gazing ritual! Brother Yosef has yet to disappoint.

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